Knight Rider

Michael Knight and his buddy K.I.T.T.
Full NameKnight Rider
Release1982 - 1986
# of Episodes90
Related ShowsKnight Rider (2008 TV series), Code of Vengeance,
Team Knight Rider

Knight Rider is an US-American action television series that originally aired in 1982 on NBC. It ran until the year of 1986 with 90 episodes produced. The main actor of the show is Michael Knight starred by David Hasselhoff who is accompanied by his high-tech car KITT, a customized Pontiac Firebird Trans Am valued at $100,000.

KITT: The SIRI of the 1980s

KITT’s features include extreme armor and the ability to talk thanks to its artificial intelligence. Together Knight and KITT fight against the crime and injustice on behalf of the “Foundation For Law And Government”. There’s a lot of discussion about what made “Knight Rider” so successful in the 80s. Fans believe it is because of the futuristic theme of the show and the charisma of the actors (especially KITT) that gave the show its unique character.

Cockpit view from inside the original KITT

Only one KITT survived

One of the KITT cars used in the production of the series was recently put up for sale for $150,000. During the production a total of 23 cars were used of which only one remained alive. The series’ name actually became the inspiration for the Indian first division cricket team “Kolkota Knight Riders” founded in 2008.

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