Sharp Wizard OZ 7000

sharp wizard
Full NameSharp Wizard OZ 7000
ManufacturerSharp K.K.
Specifications40 x 16 B&W LCD display, 32kb RAM, 2MB memory,
Original Retail Price$299 (USA)
Seen inSeinfeld (1998)

The Sharp Wizard OZ-7000 was a digital organizer released by the Japanese electronics company Sharp in 1988. The OZ-7000 can be seen as the predecessor of the present smartphone.The Sharp Wizard OZ-7000 retailed at a price of $299 in the US. The compact and lightweight device included a black and white LCD screen with a touchpad and a keyboard attached to it.

Sharp Wizard: Fully equipped with 2MB memory and PC connectivity

Odd for its time was the non-QWERTY layout. The device had a RAM of 32kilobytes and a 2Megabyte memory. The Wizard featured a calendar and scheduling management, a calculator, a memo pad, an address book and a clock. The Device could be connected to your Windows/IBM or Macintosh computer for data transfer. Beyond that one could even connect a thermal printer, a cassette tape and a keyboard to the organizer. Additionally one could insert Ram cards of up to 1MB which allow the user to store additional data or programs on the device. A Thesaurus/Dictionary card containing 500.000 words and synonyms could be bought for an additional fee of $129.

The Sharp WIzard came with a 1MB memory and a backlit display

Sharp Wizard a strongly sought item on internet marketplaces

The Device was mainly aimed to be sold to the target group of young executive Managers in the 1980s and early 90s and has presently become a sought and popular collector’s item.

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