Seiko TV Watch

The Seiko TV Watch as seen in an ad from a 1980's magazine
Full NameSeiko TV Watch
Release Date1982
Specifications1,2” blue colored LVD Display,5hr battery life,external tuner for VHF & UHF
Retail Price$495
Seen inOctopussy (1983)

The Seiko TV Watch was presented to the Japanese public in 1982 and released in 1983 (USA) at a price of $495. The watch had a 1,2” blue colored LVD Display without background light and was therefore considered to be the smallest TV in the world back then. It had a battery life of 5 hours and was connected to an external TV tuner which was the size of a cassette tape. Beyond that it could be used as an alarm clock and a stopwatch.

The Seiko TV Watch: Watching TV on the Go

The Seiko TV watch gave its user the possibility to watch TV on-the-go via the VHF and UHV band. The TV-watch came in a silver or golden colored box with the TV-tuner, wrist bands, a small leather case for the tuner, headphones and the video and power cable that was connected from the device to the TV-tuner. Ideally as according to the manual you could put the tuner in your jacket’s inner pocket and align the cables along your sleeves to the device placed on your wrist. The Seiko Watch became a popular high-tech device as it was featured in a few popular 80s movies such as in the James Bond movie “Octopussy”. The watch that can be seen worn by Roger Moore however was a modified Seiko TV watch since it had a colored display instead of the poor resolution LVD display.

Seiko TV Watch on a wrist
Seiko TV Watch: One had to have good eyes to see the picture

The Seiko TV Watch: Popular until today

The Seiko TV watch can still be found in common trading portals online with originally boxed units costing more than $500. The watch was also featured in the show “Pawn Stars” in the episode “Motorcycle Mayhem” and was sold by its owner for $175 to salesman Chumle

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