Motorola Dynatac (8000x)

The Motorola DynaTac: Huge and expensive
Model NameDynaTac 8000x (Dynamic Adaptive Total Area Coverage)
ManufacturerMotorola Inc.
Production Period1983 - 1998 (DynaTac series)
SpecificationsLED display, 790 grams weight, 10 inches high, AMPS/GSM900,
Original Retail Price$3,995
Seen inAmerican Psycho (1991), Wallstreet (1987), Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (videogame, 2002)

The Motorola DynaTac 8000x: The first cell phone that was offered commercially to the public in the year of 1983. Developed by Motorola since 1973, the cell phone cost $4000 at its launch and weighted nearly 2 pounds.

Motorola DynaTac 8000x: Heavy and poor battery life

Charging the phone completely took about 10 hours while only providing its user with a speech time of 30 minutes until the battery died.  The phone had a red LED-display and could save up to 30 numbers. Due to its size and shape the Dynatac 8000x was named “the brick”. If you are lucky to have a DynaTac available you will not be able to use it anymore due to the fact that this phone is analogue and will not work on the modern networks without a sim card.

Wallstreet (1987): Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) using a Motorola DynaTac.

Motorola DynaTac8000x: The first mobile to be mobile 

Whereas other cell phones of the era could only be stationarily installed in cars or had to be carried around in a suitcase, the Motorola DynaTac was the first cellphone that could be carried around freely and has since become a symbol of the 80s as it was featured in movies such as “American Psycho” or “Wall Street”. The phone is actually still usable in the GSM-900 Band network until today and can still be found on ebay for prices reaching up to $400.


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