Apple Macintosh 128k

Steve Jobs presenting the Macintosh 128k to the public
Full NameApple Macintosh (128k)
ManufacturerApple Computer, Inc.
Production Period1984 - 1985
SpecificationsMotorola 68000 @ 7.8336 MHz, 128kb Ram, built-in CRT, display, 3.5-inch floppy disk drive, OS; System 1.0
Retail Price$2495
Seen inSeinfeld (1989)

The Apple Macintosh 128k (originally Apple Macintosh) is a personal computer developed by Apple Computer Inc. and released in 1984.
The Macintosh was introduced in the market at a retail price of $2,495. Sales were very strong and reached 70.000 in the middle of 1984.

The Apple Macintosh 128K: The latest hardware of 1984

The Apple Macintosh had a 8 Mhz Motorola CPU and 128KB memory. It came with a built in monitor, keyboard and a mouse. Other peripherals such an external floppy disk drive, a modem or the Apple ImageWriter printer could be connected to the device. In September 1984 Apple released the Macintosh512K which had an expanded memory of 512KB.
The Macintosh was distributed with the “System 1.0” operating system which could be updated to System 3.2 by 1985.
The Macintosh128k was praised for its graphical interface and its performance. However many criticized the device for inability to be upgraded by hand and its small 128KB memory.
The computer was marketed and became famous in the $1. Mio expensive ad during the commercial break of the “Super Bowl XVIII” on CBS.

Article about the Macintosh 128k in a tech magazine

80s easter egg hidden within the Apple Macintosh 128k

When opening the case of the Macintosh128KB one could find the signatures of the Macintosh division of 1982 at Apple molded on the inside of every unit.
In the TV-series “Seinfeld”, a Mac128K appears in one episode in the year 1989.

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